VW Amarok 2020 UK Model & Release Date

VW Amarok 2020 is produced by Volkswagen as one of the leading auto manufacturers currently which proudly launched several remarkable and famous car models include Amarok Pickup which has been introduced since year 2011 in the market place. There are so many things which are changed for the market’s requirements and it seems the consumer’s preferences are shifting to big size crossovers.

That is why Volkswagen planned to release new SUV version of the VW Amarok 2020. Most of people expect to see the impressive and upgrades interior and exterior styling look. But, there will be not much changes compare to the current Amarok Pickup truck which is already popular and the record shows it had an impressive sales at the market.

VW Amarok 2020 Interior and Exterior Concept

The design of upcoming VW Amarok 2020 SUV will be very elegant and bring an attractive exterior design with some modern styling. It shows on the front end looks more modern compared to the truck as it is supported with a new grille, thinner LED headlights, and Volkswagen logo which we can see at the center. The design on the front bumper will be so excellent with elegant design to fit larger air to get better engine cooling.

VW Amarok 2020 Interior Colors and Dimensions

This new Amarok will be designed with light weight chasing and make this car boasts high aerodynamic power. It is due to the materials is using lightweight aluminum so that the overall car’s weight will be reduce and improve its speed as well as the fuel efficiency. It will be equipped also with the LED fog lights surrounded by chrome detailing and it will ride on massive 19-inches aluminum alloy wheels.

Regarding the interior detail, it is planned to get new full-size crossover car model. It will be more spacious at the cabin with sufficient headroom and legroom so that passengers will feel more comfortable. The cabin part including the dashboard will be applied with wooden and aluminum trimming. The seats will be covered with leather upholstered that feature high comfort level.

Another upgrades come on the dashboard which is available with wide touchscreen display at the middle. Some features are available like dual-zone climate control, navigation control, premium air conditioning system, numerous safety features and premium sound system featuring CD or MP3 or MP4 player, Bluetooth connectivity, USB port, and also HD satellite radio. The safety system is completed with adaptive cruise control, rear parking sensors, a plenty airbags and safety belts, blind-spot monitoring system, departure warning system, and so on.

VW Amarok 2020 Engine Performance

The engine of VW Amarok 2020 will be using 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged diesel engine which offers capability up to 224 horsepower. This power will route the four wheels (AWD) and it will be supported with 6-speed transmission system which is suitable with this engine. Another detail of the engine will be announced soon after its launch.

Actually, the company still not give the more detail about all the specification officially. It would be announce on its release date which might be close to your 2020. Regarding the price, this VW Amarok 2020 can be get around $39.000 up to $69.000 more or less.

VW Amarok 2019 Model

VW Amarok 2019 is having more upgraded on the design and engine as well. Some improvements either in quality of design and technology features are applied to make this truck being an excellent. A new powertrain will be available and creates more powerful engine for this new Amarok 2019.

The company Volkswagen is willing to get more market especially in North American market which never broke into it before. Even though, they have to spend more money considering the huge competition of it.

VW Amarok 2020 Release Date and Rumors

There will be not much different in exterior styling of this Vokswagen Amarok 2019 compare to existing version. The front end looks more styling and the rear end looks more modern. The first impression you will say that this car has sportier look. It remains to be elegant and sleek styling which make good impression of this car.

It will be available with new grille and hood. The grille will be provided with two large horizontal bars. Besides, the headlights is provided with LED lights which is getting sleeker and daytime running lights as well. It might be unveiled in a few trims same as the previous model.

The inside cabin will be equipped with amenities though the concern is to be on its function well. We will see that there will be plenty of places to keep small item or stuff at inside the cabin and it will have upholstery choice as well.

The safety and infotainment system support to make the passengers feel more comfortable and enjoyable. The dashboard will be supported with larger touch-screen display and it will have robust support for all type of wireless technologies such as USB connectivity, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well.

Besides, there will be available driver information system such as navigation or climate control to help the driver to know the condition on the road. The passengers will feel more comfortable as the seats are Nappa leather and coming with heating options. The key-lockable tailgate is available to bring this car with a great safety feature.

VW Amarok 2019 Engine Specification

The engine will be available in one version only. It is with new 3.0-liter V6 turbodiesel. This TDI engine is coming with the higher-strung version which carry out the capability around 225 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque. It will be supported with 8-speed automatic transmission system. The top speed of this engine can perform up to 120 mph and reach 62 mph just in 7.9 seconds. Besides, it is coming with rear-wheel drive as a standard and all-wheel drive as an option.

This new VW Amarok 2019 is expected cheaper price compare to the last year Amarok. The price will be started from $29.000 more or less. The launching date of this VW Amarok 2019 will be around end of year 2018 or early year 2019 based on the prediction as still there is no official announcement about it.

VW Amarok 2020 vs. Competition

Pickup truck is interesting category because each model seems to be in the same style. That’s what you see at VW Amarok 2020. The car has many competitors that have been in truck category since long time ago. On the other side, Amarok is relatively new model and it was released first in 2010. Moreover, Ford Ranger is the name that everyone knows for truck. This is the toughest competitor due to excellent handling and more features. For reliability, Honda Ridgeline receives utmost appreciation. This situation is similar to Toyota Tacoma for the best for fuel efficiency.

VW Amarok 2020 Latest News and Update

GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado share the same platform that identifies what pickup truck supposed to be. Both cars are very reliable for daily transportation or extreme driving. Another model is Nissan Frontier that has bold design and excellent capability. Amarok also has competitors from full-size truck category. The examples of cars in this segment are Ram 1500 and Ford F-150. Some cars also have hybrid engine that’s more reliable in term of fuel efficiency level. Another unique style for pickup truck is Jeep Gladiator. You are surely familiar with classic Jeep style, and Gladiator adopts that idea for modern car.

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