Toyota Hilux 2021 TRD Price and Specs in USA

Toyota Hilux 2021 participates on the competition for crossover car type of SUV and pickup. The front section resemble SUV layout with spacious interior space. Meanwhile, the back section takes the pickup layout with cargo space. In order to accommodate both passenger and cargo, it is equipped with powerful engine.

The Exterior and Interior Part of Toyota Hilux 2021

In general, the layout of the car has many similarities with the previous model. The remodeling is only implemented on the front grille and other minor parts of the exterior design. Small wheels are equipped with great suspension system for both esthetic and comfort purpose.

The radiator grille of Toyota Hilux 2021 is lined perfectly with the headlamps on its ends. Entire design of its exterior is using blue color with glossy feature. Being a crossover between SUV and pickup, the car takes seriously its aerodynamic design. Instead of using bigger dimension as most SUV, it uses compact design.

The description of its interior goes differently with the exterior of the car. Instead of using blue color theme, the interior focus on creating elegant impression with monochromatic color theme. The interior combines neutral color such as dark and gray with chrome accent on the steering wheel and dashboard.

Several indicators are mounted on the dashboard in front of the steering wheel. Well, Toyota Hilux 2021 brings the backlight feature in order to make the driver able to read it easier even though the cabin space is dark. Other features such as user-friendly navigation system and air conditioning system can be found on the central command.

Engine Options for Toyota Hilux 2021

The manufacturer provides two engine options for the model. The first engine option is 2.7 liter of diesel engine that can generate up to 170 horsepower along with 258 Nm. Meanwhile, the second engine option is 2.8 liter of diesel engine that can generate up to 160 horsepower and 407 Nm.

The manufacturer has not confirmed about Toyota Hilux 2021 release date yet. The December of 2016 seems to be reasonable time to release the car to the marketplace. During this time, the market condition has great demand for SUV and pickup combo.

With such engine options, most people expect that the price will be extremely high. However, the automobile expert calculates that it will be surprisingly affordable. In fact, based on their calculation, Toyota Hilux 2021 will be available around base price of $20,000.

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