2019 – 2020 Ram 3500 Dually Specs & Review

Ram 3500 is the sort of truck that gives even a temporary owner a powerful urge to stop of road travelling. This model is known as a low budget car; yet do not worry about its performance. This car is equipped with standard auto equipment for the car. What is the special for this model are the suspension elements. This element is designed to support near-four-ton payloads are going to be stiff when there is nothing in the cargo bed.

Besides, the Ram’s ride quality is consider as something to be endured rather than enjoyed. Cummins turbo-diesel will never be mistaken for a gasoline engine. It is not likely pre-common-rail diesels, but it leaves no doubt that what’s going on under the hood does not involve spark plugs. Further let’s talk about the other specification.

2019 Ram 3500 Engine and Features

Even though the outside design of this model is so simple, yet this model is equipped with no simply features. Also, it use the good type of engine to reach well-performances in driving. Dodge Ram 3500 use Proven and Legendary 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 for it is engine. It offers you a choice of two six-speed automatic transmissions or a Class-Exclusive six-speed manual transmission.

Additionally, When 2019 Ram 3500 paired with the AISIN six-speed automatic transmission, the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine becomes a high-output engine offering 930 pound-feet of maximum diesel torque. Best-in-Class 15,000-mile oil change intervals.

This model is also use Rear Auto-Level Air Suspension. This model of The Rear Auto-Level Air Suspension ensures the level loads. No matter the cargo or terrain. Additionally, the driver could select either normal or alternate right height, from two smart ride high selection.

It is for better alignment with a trailer with automatic electronic adjustments to maintain a level load. Contained within the frame-mounted compressor, tank and lines, it is all done in relative silence.

2019 Ram 3500 Cargo Review

2019 Ram 3500 has a special cargo for this style.  Then, the most pretty tools or feature in this car is Cargo-view Camera. 2019 Ram 3500 is Designed with safety and security in mind, the available cargo-view camera allows the driver to view the truck bed contents from the 8.4-inch U connect display. The innovative feature helps keep the driver free from worry and distraction, driver knowing that everything in the cargo bed is under a watchful eye. So, even though the Cargo is in the back of the body.

Talking about the cargo, it equip with Ram Box Cargo Management System. The exclusive type of this car, is available with this Cargo Management System. It use Central Locking System. Moreover, the access is as easy as a push of a button. Then, it also use with lighted, drain able storage, it is perfect for tools, gear or beverages.

This system includes a cargo bed divider, the cargo bed rails with four adjustable tie-down cleats and cargo box lighting. Available with Single Rear-Wheel models only. Not available with Low Volume colors. So, if you choose the Exclusive-Class Model, you will get this pretty feature cargo of 2019 Ram 3500.

2020 Ram 3500 Dually Redesign and Release Date

The arrival of 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 will be redesigned from the heavy-duty truck. Some countries in the world are showing quite significant for promotion in the United States of America for this truck segment. The new model of this truck is redesigned entirely compare to predecessor which is presented since 2009. This truck will have a great performance with some improvements in future, engine, as well design. Sure, this product can compete in the market place and will reach higher market.

The new 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 will have a new design entirely to give new outlook with much more elegant look. This product will be better in performance and more attractive in look. Besides, this truck will be developed with using lightweight materials such as aluminum for body and other essential features of the truck. Its aim is to increase the overall weight, performance, and efficiency.

The first redesign comes into the cabin which will have new configuration, new supplies, new capabilities, and new method with superior element. The second, the front end will be provided with a grid on the research and comes with four divisions, tiny opening, to make this truck has an elegant in style. The third, under the massive grille bumper it has integrated fog lights to helps to protect some of the important attributes on the front of the truck. It has a few sturdy lighthouses powered LED in two types of indicators to make more safety system and this truck will have aggressive look.

While, at the back side it was supported with sharp and well-made lights. The wheels are covered with pure aluminum which is wrapped with high-performance tires and together with the solid chassis. This truck has a guard on the ground around ten inches to improve the capacity of the truck out of service access.

The interior is designed with beautiful attributes and supported with more enough spacious to all passengers. The soft leather and heating technology cover the seats. Besides, it is completed with an interactive and user-friendly cockpit to make easier in controlling the vehicle, zonal modern climate control system, and entertainment system which is completed with digital audio system with seven speakers, attributes for connection, security attributes, also safety equipment as well.

2020 Dodge Ram 3500 Engine Specification

Based on rumors, this 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 will be produced in three different versions of engine. First engine will be provided with HEMI engine having displacement of 5.7 liters which has productivity around 383 horsepower. Second, it will keep the same using HEMI engine with 6.4 liters and the productivity would be around 410 horsepower. The third is using diesel engine with 6.7 liter V8 turbodiesel which the optimum output would be around 370 horsepower. These engine is supported also with the fuel efficiency of 31 mpg on the highway and 26 mpg in the city with new automatic transmission six speeds on the back or the system-4-wheel drive system.

We can expect to see the real outlook after its launched around second half of year 2019 or latest on early year 2020. This will be awaited by the people who are curious with this product. The price might be still not announced yet by the company, but the prediction price of this 2020 Dodge Ram 3500 would be around $33.000 more or less.

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