22+ Best Hybrid Cars – Pros & Cons

Nowadays, hybrid cars have become popular trends. Many manufacturers have developed the hybrid engine. With the current competitions, some best hybrid cars are released. Of course, it is interesting to see the engine performances offered by these hybrid vehicles. Related to this, here is the information about the cars.

What Does Plug in Hybrid Mean?

When talking about technology of hybrid car, there are some types of it. One of them is the plug-in hybrid car or usually called as Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV). The PHEV is similar to the common or conventional hybrid cars, but it has plug-in batter. In other words, the battery can be charged into external outlets, and it gives good benefits in term of time and cost efficiency.

Which Hybrid Cars are the Best?

There are many hybrid cars released by various manufacturers. Some of them have awesome specifications which are nominated as the best hybrid cars. Of course, there can always be new products, and it is hard to determine the best one. Moreover, it also depends on the personal preferences. Well, one thing for sure is that most factors to determine are about the powertrain and engine features.

The Best Hybrid SUV 2020

Since it is quite hard to find the best hybrid vehicles, it is better to provide some good references of cars with stunning performance of hybrid engine. It can become good information and considerations for those who are interested to bring the nice hybrid car home. Specifically, these vehicles are in SUV class, and here is the list of the best hybrid SUVs.

1. 2020 Lexus RX 450h

The first reference of hybrid SUVs comes from Lexus. The latest generation of Lexus RX 450H comes in two engine options, and of course it has hybrid car. For hybrid engine, it uses V6 engine, and this 3.5liter engine can generate up to 259 horsepower. It is accompanied by two electric motors with different output: 15 horsepower and also 67 horsepower. When the outputs are combined, the car can generate up to 308 horsepower in total.

2. 2020 Infiniti QX60 Hybrid

The next good hybrid car with great powertrain is Infiniti QX60 for its engine. It is said the car is going to use V6 engine that’s similar to the capacity of engine in Lexus RX 450h. Then, it gets electric motors, but there are limited details about it. For output, it is around 300 horsepower, and it is good enough for this SUV.

3. 2020 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid

It seems that Nissan also wants to make good impression with its new generation of Nissan Pathfinder. This car comes with hybrid options for those who want to have good technology with nice power efficiency. In term of its powertrain, Nissan equips the hybrid SUV with 3.4L V6 engine with combination of electric motor. Even, there are also rumors saying that this car will get the turbocharged feature to boost its performance.

4. 2020 Porsche Cayenne Hybrid

Next, there is hybrid car from Porsche. It is the new Porsche Cayenne that has impressive performance under the hood. For the main engine, manufacturer equips 3.0L V6 engine with single turbo technology which can generate up to 335 horsepower. Then, it gets great powertrain in its electric sector and the combination gives up to 455 horsepower. Of course, it is one of the powerful hybrid engines so far.

5. 2020 BMW X5 Plug-in Hybrid

For BMW hybrid car, there is new X5 with PHEV system. It is said the car will use V6 engine as the previous references of cars. It has 3.0 engines with twin-turbocharged technology in order to boost its output. With its electric engine, the car is predicted to give at least 394 horsepower. With this output, the SUV can accelerate to 62 mph in less than 6 seconds.

6. 2020 Mini Countryman Cooper S E Hybrid

There is also Cooper in the list of hybrid car with the best performance. This car is known for its unique and classy designs, yet it also now gives good hybrid technology. The Cooper SE will have engine combination with good power source. When the engines are combined, the output can reach 306 horsepower at least, and its power efficiency becomes the main point that makes it special.

7. 2020 Kia Niro

The next car in the list is new generation of Kia Niro. Some people may not be familiar with this car, but it has good hybrid engine to consider. It is said the engine still keeps the predecessor and it only gets some enhancement. When it is true, the car will use 1.6L engine of Kappa III, and it can generate up to 104 horsepower. For the electric motors, it will have 43 horsepower.

8. 2020 Volvo XC60 T8

For Volvo XC60, it comes in some models and each of them has different engine and powertrain. Well, XC60 T8 is the one that has powerful hybrid engine. This is the sporty model of XC60, and its power output can reach 400 horsepower. It is suitable for its status of sport trim, and it will not make driver disappointed. Moreover, it has good fuel efficiency, although it runs in high speed.

9. 2020 Lexus NX 300h

Another hybrid car from Lexus is NX 300h. It comes from the different model, and of course it offers different powertrain. In term of performance, NX model cannot surpass RX model since it has different segment and class. In this case, NX 300h has hybrid engine with output up to 194 horsepower with 2.5liter as the main engine.

10. 2020 Acura MDX Sport Hybrid

For the last reference of the best hybrid cars, there is SUV from Acura. It is Acura MDX Sport hybrid. This car also has standard model. Both the sport and standard model uses the same V6 engine, but they have different capacity. For sport model, it has 3.0L engine with i-VTEC technology. It can generates up to 321 horsepower when it is combined with electric engine.

Best Hybrid Minivan

Hybrid car started to emerge as prominent category few years ago in car market. There are many designs and styles including engine capability for hybrid. If you want minivan with hybrid technology, some models should be put into consideration. Keep in mind minivan is the category of car with more spacious cabin; mostly more than seven people can sit including driver. The examples of these car are listed in the below sections.

1. Toyota Estima Hybrid

One of the top choices comes from Toyota lineups called Estima Hybrid. In general, the base platform for this car is commonly called as Multi-Purpose Vehicle or just family car. You may see this car for public transportation, ambulance, emergency vehicle, utility car, and military support. Toyota expands Estima with hybrid technology that combines fuel and electric battery. The car has high fuel efficiency to keep cist in check.

2. Toyota Alphard Hybrid

Another minivan hybrid is Toyota Alphard Hybrid. As you know, Alphard is known as luxury minivan with spacious cabin. It is suitable car to transport many people while still enjoying luxury seat and advanced features. In Hybrid variant, Alphard has the same base platform in term of design and appearance including cabin space. On the other side, Toyota adds hybrid as alternative for customer who wants luxury minivan with the best EPA rating.

3. Honda Odyssey Hybrid

Honda introduces Odyssey Hybrid to fulfill market for reliable minivan and high performance vehicle. This car is suitable for daily activity due to vast cabin and enough room for more people. The design is elegant that adopts the latest trend. Hybrid engine puts fuel and electrical motor together to support the car performance. As result, you do not spend much money on fuel just for long driving.

4. Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is what you should buy when you need minivan with hybrid technology. At first glance, the car looks spacious that’s enough for seven or eight people. You can bring family tour for vacation, and there is still enough space for your stuffs at back. To manage hybrid technology, driver can choose driving mode to ensure the car is capable to reach destination. Moreover, the handling is not much difficult and you may go anywhere easily.

Best Hybrid Trucks

Pickup truck is the car for heavy duty that’s resilient and capable to handle difficult terrain, including extreme off-road mode. In past time, such capability was impossible to put into hybrid. Today, you will find the truck is also eligible to utilize hybrid engine. Few of them are explained at the next section.

1. Ford F-150 Plug-In Hybrid

If you look for hybrid truck, the most obvious option is Ford F-150 Plug-in Hybrid. The car uses the same platform as regular fuel variants, but in different engine configuration. As pickup truck, you can lift anything and do towing without much hassle. The engine is capable to deliver powerful performance that’s on par with its compatriot from regular one.

2. Ford Super Duty F-250 Hybrid

Another truck with hybrid technology is Ford Super Duty F-25o Hybrid. Ford puts hybrid as one of powerful trucks in their lineup. As similar to F-150, the design and basic features are not much different, except the car uses hybrid technology. Good thing about hybrid engine is capability to longer the driving mode. You can manage between fuel and electrical mode in order to keep the engine in balance.

3. Ram 1500 Etorque

It is quite difficult to find hybrid truck because not all manufacturers enter this segment. One of recommended choices is RAM 1500 with hybrid engine. The car is capable to handle heavy-duty task even though the engine is hybrid. Moreover, you do not have to spend more money for fuel as long as you keep the driving mode in check.

Best Hybrid Hatchback

Most of plug-in hybrid cars are hatchback due to several reasons. People like new tech and design in single car that makes hatchback the perfect choice. Besides, the market for this segment is relatively stable, and customers do not matter to try new technology. Some models are listed in the following sections.

1. Suzuki Swift SHVS

Suzuki produces Swift with several variants, and one of them is Swift SHVS that’s specifically for hybrid car market. This car uses the latest technology that combines fuel engine and electrical battery. Driver may choose driving modes to ensure the utmost capability. This is the car you should pick when intended to feel what hybrid vehicle should be.

2. Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4

Another model in hatchback segment for hybrid car comes from Mini. As you know, this company has distinct design regarding hatchback and most of them are unique that only Mini can do. Mini Countryman Cooper S E All4 is hybrid car that combines the design, technology, feature, and performance in one best vehicle. You can drive easily while managing to try the car capability in combination between electrical and fuel consumption.

3. Lexus CT 200h

Lexus also produces hybrid cars, and one of them is Lexus CT 200h. For your information, this model is specifically for premium and sport hatchback with powerful engine. The car looks elegant with sporty touch at front part, and the curve accent at rear side. Technology in this car is advanced to boost its capability and performance. This car is available with engine and electrical battery for powertrain. The cabin has sophisticated panels and tools, including touchscreen display at front dashboard.

4. Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Toyota produces Corolla Hybrid is the option for customers. This car uses hatchback style to look sportier and high capable. The engine combines fuel and electric source simultaneously to prolong the driving mode. You can manage to keep the fuel as low as possible while relying solely on battery. Even though the car is hybrid, the capability is at top list, specifically for the acceleration and maneuvering.

5. Toyota Prius

Prius is popular name for car brand when you look for plug-in hybrid. In fact, most of recent hybrid car segments might not exist without Toyota Prius. This car is pioneer and Toyota still produces Prius with upgraded technology. The car is reliable and easy to do maneuvering while keeping the fuel cost as low level. For long term, you can save more money for fuel, maintenance, and capability.

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