20 Best Crossover SUV with Top Engine and Features

The car market is very competitive, especially in crossover SUV segment. People start to rely on the cars with more versatile capability for any activity and task. This is where crossover SUV comes into the right place and time to fulfill such purpose. Most of models belong to the best crossover SUV from prominent manufacturers that you will find easily in road; even you have in your own garage. They will be the cars you see in this list. Well, more about the list will be explored in the following sections.

The Best Crossover SUV 2019

Crossover SUV is not new segment in car market because it has been established since long time ago. However, most cars are often interchangeable between SUV itself and regular vehicle that some people still think in that way until today. As the result, you may see the car that looks like SUV but still called as crossover. Appearance is not solely factor to justify either the car belong to crossover or not. The assessment includes engine, feature, driving capability, support, safety measures, and interior that will be explained briefly in below list.

1.     2019 Toyota RAV4

You may need the car to be more SUV but reliable for daily task. Besides, the car has more cargo to put your stuffs alongside higher visibility, fuel efficiency, four-wheel drive, and compact size. To answer those needs, Toyota introduces RAV4 as crossover SUV in compact car segment. The design is sporty with SUV appearance while keeping delicacy to be crossover. One important thing is high performance engine that on par with SUV capability.

2.     2019 Subaru Forester

Subaru is known for high versatile car for any terrain, even though the car is small and compact. This is what you get when picking 2019 Subaru Forester that’s specifically for any task. The car is developed to fulfill the demand in crossover SUV with compact wheelbase that lowers than Outback. To support such purpose, Subaru puts engine with advanced capability. Driver can control all features through display at the cabin and keep the car in safe through safety measures.

3.     2019 VW Tiguan

VW produces several vehicles in various segment form small to the big one. If you want the best SUV from VW, the right answer is 2019 VW Tiguan that comes with new design and performance. This car has elegant look without losing sporty and masculine aspects. You can drive in any roads, especially difficult terrain and suburban area but still reliable with easy maneuvering. To enhance capability, Volkswagen puts engine that’s similar to what SUV supposed to be in order to gain more performance.

4.     2019 Honda CR-V

You can find few crossover SUVs in Honda lineups, and one of them is Honda CR-V. This model is in the top list when you ask for the best crossover SUV. The car has advanced features, technology, platform, and engine to enhance the car capability. The latest model uses the design that looks more like family car, but you will understand what this car can do from its specs. The engine is better than previous model in order to deliver utmost performance.

5.     2019 Mazda CX-5

Mazda introduced CX-5 to fill crossover SUV segment several years ago. The car is capable to support daily transportation or difficult task, like carrying more stuff. With spacious cabin, you get more space for many things alongside high-tech features to make your journey comfortable. The design is elegant with modern touch and sporty access from SUV. The last part is engine that receives upgrades to deliver high performance, especially the acceleration time.

6.     2019 Hyundai Nexo

Tucson is the first choice when you want crossover SUV from Hyundai, but there is alternative called Nexo. This is not regular car because the engine is different. Hyundai uses hydrogen fuel cell as energy source for Nexo with better efficiency than electric car. The design and size is compact that puts this car as crossover SUV. You can drive as regular car to anywhere even the long journey is not much issue. Well, the car is still capable to handle several heavy-duty tasks.

7.     2019 Jeep Compass

Jeep has crossover SUV and it has name Compass that has been in market since 2007. This model looks like SUV, although Jeep puts extra features to make sure the car is reliable enough for simple handling and maneuvering. The design is elegant with bold frame and sporty touch to show that you can drive it anywhere, even in off-road mode. To fulfill your duty, this car uses high performance engine including the support to do lifting and towing simultaneously.

8.     2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Crossover SUV is the interesting market with potential to be the biggest segment at all. This is why Mitsubishi produces Eclipse Cross to enter this segment. The car has elegant design, luxury features, and powerful engine alongside the advanced technology. Manufacturer installs several safety measures in order to keep the driver and passengers out of harm. Besides, new engine is capable to deliver powerful powertrain to handle any terrain.

9.     2019 Hyundai Tucson

One of top list for the best crossover is Hyundai Tucson that’s already in market since 2004. The car uses base platform from compact vehicle and expands with additional SUV capability. You can see from exterior that this car is versatile to handle many obstacles with easy handling. Moreover, Hyundai adds engine with high performance that capable to support where you want to go. Tucson also has features, such as navigation, GPS, including safety measures to ensure you have pleasure journey.

10.  2019 Kia Sportage

Kia is prominent company in car market with many excellent products, and one of them is Kia Sportage. It is not new car because Sportage has been around since 1990s. The latest model is a part of fourth generation that receives many upgrades and additional features in order to enhance the performance. The design looks sharp with lean edge to bring the smooth contour but still keep the sporty aspect in balance. The performance is at best due to top engine with refinement as the reason to put this car as the best crossover SUV.

Best Crossover SUV 2020

Crossover SUV emerges into the prominent era in car market. Many manufacturers produce vehicles in this segment. Besides new cars, some of them are the existing models that upgraded into crossover capability. Before exploring the crossover SUV, you should understand this category is often interchangeable alongside SUV itself. In order to find the best crossover SUV 2020, you need to look for few options since crossover SUV are produced by several manufactures that have prominent name in the car industry.

1.     2020 Hyundai Palisade

As we know, Hyundai has been in automotive industry since long time ago that already produced several models in various categories. In order to fulfil the demand in crossover SUV, Hyundai produces the car with brand name Palisade. As crossover SUV, the design combines utility, elegant, sporty, and luxury. The car is capable for long journey. It can handle off-road mode, but still reliable to do daily driving in the city. With powerful engine, you will get a SUV mode with high capability in Hyundai Palisade. It is capable to fulfill what you need the most in driving a car.

2.     2020 Hyundai Venue

Sport Utility Vehicle is the car segment that most of capabilities relies on driving feature, powerful engine, and advanced panel. On the other hand, the car needs soft touch, and this is where crossover is developed to blend with SUV. One of the best choices is Hyundai Venue with compact style and elegant design along with powerful engines. The car looks small but has high capability to support your driving mode anywhere at ease. This is one of top choices for the first timer when decided to start driving crossover SUV since this car is not too difficult to handle.

3.     2020 Lincoln Aviator

Moreover, Lincoln is known as the car manufacturer that produces luxury vehicles in many categories. Several products are already on market, and one of them is crossover SUV with brand name Aviator. The car belongs to midsize segment and relatively below Corsair. The elegant design and luxury touch are what you see from its appearance to show that the car is more than fancy style. The engine and performance is at the top list that you can compare to other cars in the same segment. Well, the result is still excellent in term of acceleration and capability.

4.     2020 Lincoln Corsair

Elegant and luxury look in one car is what you see in 2020 Lincoln Corsair. The car belongs to crossover SUV with luxury touch from exterior. When driving, this car makes you feel as very important person in the world. Even though the car is crossover SUV, Lincoln seems to put much feature and capability on SUV side, especially for car handling. You don’t have to worry when doing long journey and find depraved road because SUV capability will make sure everything is fine to handle the situation, especially when you do maneuvering.

5.     2020 Cadillac XT6

The next choice of the best crossover SUV 2020 is Cadillac XT6. The car has sporty design with long wheelbase that belongs to full-size SUV. The development for this car is extensive and Cadillac puts extra effort to deliver the best SUV with crossover touch. You can drive it anywhere, and its handling is not much difficult compared to real SUV. Furthermore, the car uses technology to control almost everything. Moreover, the new safety measures ensures everything is in proper order when unexpected situation happens.

6.     2020 Kia Telluride

Kia has specific car for crossover SUV that’s ready to fulfill what customer needs the most. The car uses brand name as Kia Telluride, and the new 2020 model has many improvements in order to boost its capability. This car is midsize vehicle but the design and size look like full-size SUV with big size. With advanced feature, the car is capable to handle many obstacle on road alongside any situations, such extreme snow, mist, and dark area. Furthermore, the engine is powerful to deliver the top powertrain with automatic transmission.

7.     2020 Ford Escape

Ford Escape is the car that’s suitable for your daily activity and transportation from one place to another. The design is elegant with curve touch at front until the rear side in order to show delicacy. On the other side, the car has high capability for more than regular road especially if you are out of city and doing long journey. The technology in this car makes sure the driver and passengers are safe and secure alongside additional entertainment support. The engine is reliable to deliver utmost performance, and you can still control it at ease.

8.     2020 Toyota Highlander

When you look for the best car, Toyota always is in many lists including crossover SUV. For this segment, Toyota relies on vehicle called Highlander that’s already in market since 2001 until today. Toyota has interesting way to separate between crossover SUV and the real SUV. You can see this from Highlander compared to other models. The design is dynamic, but elegant and sporty. The car is suitable for daily transportation or heavy duty task for lifting things anywhere as long as you keep them at below maximum level.

9.     2020 Subaru Outback

Everyone recognizes Subaru as the best carmaker that produces high capability and resilient vehicles. One of them is Subaru Outback that becomes part of crossover SUV. This car has advanced specifications that on par with SUV itself, even you can drive in difficult terrain without much hassle. The design looks sporty with elegant touch alongside the trim level to enhance the appearance. New model has refined engine with more powerful power, but driver can keep it in control properly.

10.  2020 Ford Explorer

Ford has SUV with high capability and performance that’s called Explorer. The car is known as the best selling model due to powerful engine and advanced technology which is ready to deliver the most performance at all. The design might not be much as crossover SUV and most people still think this car as SUV but rebranding into crossover. On contrary, this model is definitely what the best crossover SUV 2020 supposed to be in term of handling, capability, performance, technology, and endurance. This is what you should know from Ford Explorer as crossover SUV.

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