2021 Toyota Fortuner Specs, Price and Review

2021 Toyota Fortuner is presented as family SUV with modern design and spacious cabin room. The manufacturer claims that current version has slightly bigger interior with powerful engine performance. On the first sight, the design might seem similar to the previous version. However, it has several major remodeling in the design that are slightly noticeable.

The Appearance of 2021 Toyota Fortuner

Nothing can be said about the exterior of this car except for the modern theme with white color option. Curvature used on the front section makes the layout looks muscular. The entire layout has sleek design in order to enhance the aerodynamic aspect of the car. As mentioned before, the bigger dimension of this SUV becomes the main benefit.

As it goes with most cars manufactured by Toyota, the company logo is placed on the radiator grille on the front section of 2021 Toyota Fortuner. The design of radiator grille is followed by two headlamps with crystal-clear quality on both ends. Chrome accent is incorporated in lower side of the door in order to enhance the modern theme of the exterior.

The cabin interior is able to accommodate up to seven passengers, which is plentiful for family SUV. Instead of continuing the white color theme of the exterior, the interior uses beige. This color is combined with black to create elegant impression.

Central command of 2021 Toyota Fortuner is packed with controls arranged neatly. Basic features such as air conditioning system, audio system, and connectivity can be found on the dashboard. It features LCD infotainment screen featuring navigation system.

Engine under the Hood of 2021 Toyota Fortuner

The family SUV is equipped with new engine configuration to provide good towing capability. It uses 3 liter of diesel engine with four cylinders. With this engine option, the vehicle is able to achieve 200 horsepower with torque of 400 Nm. It comes in either manual or automatic transmission system.

2021 Toyota Fortuner price is about $45,500 for the base model. This price might be increasing up to $55,500 on the trim model. The price is more affordable for modern family SUV compared to the same car type manufactured by other companies.

Being a popular family SUV makes the car expected by its customers. The manufacturer has not mentioned official announcement about its release date yet. However, some of automobile experts predict that 2021 Toyota Fortuner will be available on the marketplace right before 2016 ends.

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