2021 Honda Prelude Price, Concept, Type R, Rumors

The upcoming 2021 Honda Prelude is rumored to hit the market in 2021. The Honda Prelude was very well known some years ago as a luxurious sports car. This car was firstly released in 1978 and got five manufacturing generations. The last model of this car was released in 2001, and many people are still waiting for the new model of this car until these days. The new concept of Honda Prelude is based on the Honda Accord model.

The concept of the new Honda Prelude is something modern and futuristic. When it is released to the market, it will be ready to beat its rivals and conquer the sports car market worldwide. There some information for you about this upcoming sports car. It will be interesting to talk about the whole concept of the next Honda Prelude.

2021 Honda Prelude Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior design for the next Honda Prelude surely will be something stylish, modern and futuristic. It will be an elegance sports car with an eye-catching appearance. Because it’s still a concept, we cannot make a clear prediction for the whole design of the body. The body shape is predicted to be flat from the front to the top. It will create a perfect aerodynamic system to provide a good acceleration and stability.

The front grille will come in a new and fresh design to make it different from the others sports car in the market. The headlights may use the Xenon or HID lights to provide the best illumination and style for this elegance sports car. The 2021 Honda Prelude will also have the stylish appearance at the back. The taillights and the muffler will be designed beautifully.

It will be difficult to draw the real condition for the interior design of the upcoming Honda Prelude. As a modern and stylish sports car, surely the interior upholstery will be covered by the premium materials and leathers. The dashboard has a modern and futuristic design featuring some modern technologies including the touchscreen display.

The seats should use the best leather materials to provide the best comfort for the driver and the passengers. The newest safety features will be installed to this new Prelude to keep the driver and the passenger safely. Some features such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HD Radio, high-quality sound system and USB ports also can be found in this car.

2021 Honda Prelude Powertrain and Price Estimated

The engine of this modern sports car will be powerful and aggressive. The first engine may use a 2.0-liter I-VTEC engine producing 250 horsepower. The second engine may use a 3.5-liter V6 engine with the electrical batteries producing 300 horsepower and 350 pounds of torque. The gearbox will use the six-speed automatic transmission system and use petrol engine. The hybrid model will use different transmission system.

We feel a little bit difficult to predict the price of this new sports car. As a modern and luxurious sports car, the price will be a little bit high. We still wait for the official info from Honda for the price and the release date of the Honda Prelude. The 2021 Honda Prelude may hit the market at the end of 2021 or the beginning of 2021.

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