2021 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Price and Concept

The 2021 Ford Thunderbird will be ready to meet its buyer in 2021. This luxurious modern sedan will be full features and has good engine performance. Ford will try to get more fans by releasing this futuristic sedan to the market soon. Many people surely will love the improvements in this new model. The design shows its characteristic as a modern car with a good performance.

Some improvements for the exterior design will give a stylish and sporty appearance for this new sedan. The interior design brings some modern technologies and features to provide the best driving experience for you. The fuel efficiency and the power of this sedan are also better compared to the previous model. You will find more details about this sedan from this article.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Exterior and Interior Design

The unique exterior design of this car is the combination of modern and traditional looks. Surely many people will love the design and realize its difference from other sedans in the market. This stylish sedan still uses two doors, and there will be some changes for the front side. The front grille of the next Ford Thunderbird comes in a large design that shows the strong and sporty characteristics of this sedan. The fog lights and the LED headlights will be placed under the air intake and the front bumper.

The standard model comes with the 18-inch strong-alloy-wheels and there will be larger wheel option too. The next Ford Thunderbird also comes with some changes at the back. The taillights of the 2021 Ford Thunderbird will be stylish and modern. It is combined with the new muffler tube to create an aesthetic look at the back. Overall, this new sedan has an outstanding exterior design.

The interior will be dominated with the black color. The dashboard is the first part of the interior that use the black color that is covered by fine leather materials. This stylish dashboard also features a touchscreen display to provide a navigation assist and also entertainment media for you. The steering wheel also uses black color and covered by the leather.

The cabin size is still the same comfortable as the previous model accommodating up to four or five passengers. The Ford Thunder seats are very comfortable and stylish because of the use of black leather cover. The Ford’s Sync Infotainment will help you to connect your gadget to this car and provide many useful features for you.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Powertrain and Price Estimated

As a new sedan, the next Ford Thunder will use a 3.2-liter V8 engine using the VVT technology. This engine is capable of producing 280 horsepower and 388 pounds of torque. The acceleration and the fuel consumption of this new sedan will be great because of the use of light body materials. The transmission system is rumored to use a five-speed automatic transmission.

The price of the next Ford Thunder is around $38,000 to $50,000, depends on the model. The release date of Ford Thunder is rumored to be at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2021. The 2021 Ford Thunderbird will be ready to compete with the other luxurious sedans in the market.

2021 Ford Thunderbird Competitors

There are some nice cars to see in the 2021. Ford and Honda become two of manufacturers who have introduced some new cars. Each of them has prepared some lineups of car to release and these will be interesting to see. First, there is 2021 Ford Thunderbird. This car comes in sporty looks and it is interesting to see. It is also expected to have new engine. In this case, it seems that the new Toyota Supra and Lexus LC 500 will be the nice competitors for this car. They share similar price as the main part of comparisons although the details are quite different.

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