2021 Ford Atlas Truck Price, Concept, MPG Result

The 2021 Ford Atlas is a concept pickup truck that showed in 2013 Detroit Auto Show. Many rumors said that it would be the successor of Ford F150 in the future. So, the basic platform is still based on the Ford F150. The Ford Atlas is rumored to come with a fresh design and better engine performance than the F150 model.

The release date of the Ford Atlas is still unknown. But, there are some possibilities that the Ford Atlas will be launched in 2021. It will be fascinating to talk about some aspects of this new modern pickup truck. The body design of Ford Atlas will be stylish, sporty, aggressive and elegance.

2021 Ford Atlas Exterior and Interior Design

The Ford Atlas exterior design will be futuristic and elegance as a modern pickup truck. The body of Ford Atlas is rumored to use aluminum that has lightweight and strong. The overall body weight of Ford Atlas is expected to be lighter than the F150 model. The body dimension and size of the Ford Atlas will be the same as the Ford F150.

In the Detroit Auto Show in 2013, we found that the Ford Atlas concept comes with the double-deck front lights. A rectangular front grille with wind-resistant feature accompanies the strong fascia at the front of Ford Atlas. The roof of this new pickup truck will use the glass material. The Ford Atlas comes with five doors with the big chrome mask for the front doors.

Let’s see the 2021 Ford Atlas interior design that is dominated with the black and gray shade. The interior design will be new, fresh and stylish providing comfortable cabin size and seats. The driver seats will be very comfortable because of the use of soft natural leather as the cover. On the Foard Atlas dashboard, there is a large touchscreen display to help you in the navigation.

At the back, there are also two touchscreen displays located at the back of the front row seats. It will provide some entertainment for the passengers of the back row seats. The cabin size of Ford Atlas is quite large that make it very comfortable for our leg and head. Some modern features and technologies are installed inside the upcoming Ford Atlas.

2021 Ford Atlas Powertrain and Price Estimated

As a modern and strong mid-size pickup truck, the Ford Atlas will have a responsive and powerful engine. The 5.0-liter V8 engine will be used as the powertrain of the Ford Atlas. This engine can deliver 360 horsepower and 380 pounds of torque and accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 8 seconds. The Ford Atlas will use a six-speed automatic transmission system. Some rumors also said that the Ford Atlas would be offered in some engine options.

The price of the upcoming Ford Atlas is still unclear because Ford has not released any information about it. Many car enthusiasts predicted that the Ford Atlas would be released at the end of 2016, but it seems that it will not happen. So, we can only wait to see the 2021 Ford Atlas on the road in 2021.

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