2021 Dodge Barracuda Convertible Price and Specs

If you are waiting for the new model of Dodge Barracuda, the 2021 Dodge Barracuda will be the answer for you. It will have a new design based on the Plymouth ancestor with the modern interpretation. The Barracuda appearance is the combination of retro muscular car and the hybrid design using the modern aesthetic. The appearance of this new Barracuda will be stylish and sporty.

The body will use the retro style but with the modern finish. The front and the back appearance of this upcoming Dodge Barracuda will be muscular and beautiful. This new Barracuda should be one of your consideration of a great sports car. The power and the acceleration of this sports car will be amazing.

2021 Dodge Barracuda Exterior and Interior Design

The Dodge Barracuda exterior design will be unique using the trace of the 1971 Plymouth Challenger design combined with the modern twist. The body and chassis materials will use the strong and lightweight materials. It can reduce the overall body weight that gives a better fuel efficiency and acceleration for the Dodge Barracuda. The aerodynamics system will use the modern technology to get the best result.

At the front, the design will use a retro vibe with a bigger size and a sharper line. It will be equipped with the new headlights design using the LED lights. The front grille comes with a split design. The air intake has a large size for a better air supply to the Barracuda engine. At the back of Barracuda, there will be two exhaust pipe to support the performance and the style of the 2021 Dodge Barracuda.

The Dodge Barracuda Interior will use the modern features and the best materials to provide a stylish and comfortable cabin. The interior upholstery will be in a stylish black fabric and leather finish combination with metal accents in some parts. The dashboard comes with a stylish design featuring a touch screen display. It will help you for the navigation and can provide some entertainment for the passengers.

Some other features also can be found such as the satellite radio, the rearview camera, dual-zone climate control and navigation and parking assistance. The seats will be very comfortable using the highest quality leather as the cover. The cabin will be spacious and can give enough space for our head and leg. Both the exterior and the interior design of the new Dodge Barracuda are stylish.

2021 Barracuda Powertrain and Price Estimated

The standard engine for the Dodge Barracuda is a 6.0-liter V8 engine that can generate 425 horsepower. The 5-speed automatic transmission system will be used in the standard engine version of Barracuda. The alternative engine is rumored to be used for the upcoming Barracuda. The Barracuda engine will be a 6.2-liter V8 engine that can produce 700 horsepower. This engine will be linked to the ZF 8-speed transmission.

As a modern muscular car, the Dodge Barracuda will be priced around $30,000 to $50,000. The release date of the upcoming Barracuda model will be sometime in 2021. IT will compete with the other manufacturer’s sports car. The 2021 Dodge Barracuda can be a good choice of a modern sports car.

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