2021 Dodge Avenger Price, Release Date, MPG

There are some rumors that the 2021 Dodge Avenger will be released to the market. As we know, the Dodge Avenger production had been stopped in 2014. Many people are asking whether this executive coupe will be released again or not. If we look at FCA group products number in the market, it can make sense that they will release the Dodge Avenger again.

There are some rumors said that the future Magnum and Avenger would use the same platform. The new front-wheel drive platform is rumored to be used for the upcoming dodge avenger. If the Dodge Avenger is released to the market, it will compete with the Mazda 6 and Malibu. So, let’s see some interesting information about the upcoming Dodge Avenger in this article.

2021 Dodge Avenger Exterior and Interior Design

The Dodge Avenger will come with a special body design as usual. The Dodge Avenger is famous as a stylish two-door executive coupe for the recent years. FCA will try to continue the Dodge Avenger trends in this upcoming model. The body size is rumored to be smaller than the Charger or the Magnum model.

Of course, the Dodge Avenger will have a sporty and muscular appearances. The body shape is rumored to be similar to the Alfa Giulia model. It will not use the same body shape as the previous Dodge Avenger model. The front and the back end of this new Dodge Avenger will be muscular and sporty, and the overall body design is very stylish.

Like a modern car, the 2021 Dodge Avenger will get many new features for the interior. The use of modern technologies is a must for this modern car. It should be better than the previous model because many people complain about the quality of the materials, the space, the design and the general layout of the latest Dodge Avenger. So, many people are expecting better for the interior design.

Hopefully, FCA will use a new design for the dashboard implementing some new panels and touchscreen display. The use of touchscreen display in a modern car is very useful for many things, especially during the driving. Some modern features and the newest safety features also should be implemented for the upcoming Dodge Avenger. It will be a great sports car with a beautiful design for outside and inside.

2021 Dodge Avenger Powertrain and Price Estimated

Some rumors said that the engine of Dodge Avenger would be a 1.8-liter turbo inline-4 engine that can generate 210 horsepower and 200 pounds of torque. The other rumors said that it would be powered by a 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder engine that produces 260 horsepower. Both of the two engines will use the same nine-speed automatic transmission system and have the same powerful output for the top speed and the acceleration.

Because it’s still a rumor for the release of the Dodge Avenger new model, the price and the release date of this car is still a mystery. We expect that the price will be equal to the competitors in the same segment. The release date of Dodge Avenger new model is expected sometime in 2021. It will be great to see the 2021 Dodge Avenger on the road.

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