2020 Jeep Patriot Sport Price & Release Date

Being the cheapest SUV on the on the market today, 2020 Jeep Patriot might have its own challenge and excellence as well. Known for not updating for quite a long time and got bashed over it, Jeep seems want to give big improvement on their brand-new SUV. After ten years since its debut on the new generations, we can wait for the upcoming update.

Claiming that it will have nice performance despite having cheap price, it is a worth to wait for its release. We can say that the car is perfect for those who looking for moderate price car without considering the latest technology.

2020 Jeep Patriot Redesign of Exterior and Interior

Come with four-dour body like the Jeep Wrangler, 2020 Jeep Patriot has masculine and rough style. The design of the car is far beyond the family car looks like. The boxy line dominates most part of the car. The grille is designed with seven top to bottom tube shape. The round headlight just sits right beside the grille with Jeep logo above it. The lights, whether the rear back light and the front light will be using LED technology.

2020 Jeep Patriot Interior Colors

The standard roof enhances the masculine look of the car and sure it has its own function. As the wheels, it will be using 16-inch steel wheels, while the upper trim, the Patriot Latitude will be featured with 17-inch lightweight aluminum wheels.

Looking at the interior of the car, there is hard cheap looking plastic on the dashboard. So, it is one thing that look unappealing for the car. Despite have the hard-plastic material for the dashboard, the seats ensure the comfortability of its passengers. The seats will be covered with leather. As for standard features, there is display, satellite radio, Aircon, and the cup holder beside the driver.

Despite being just moderate for some people, it has pretty big baggage on the back. It can take up to 23 cubic feet and additional space as much as 53.5 squares feet if the back seats are folded. What comes unexpected is that turns out the seats is quite low compare to the position of the dashboard.

2020 Jeep Patriot Engine Performance

Based on some rumors, there will be two options of the engine available to choose. The base one is the 2.0-liter V4 engine that produce about 158 Horse Power and 141 pounds-feet of torque. The engine will be paired with five-speed manual transmission gearbox. It can accelerate the car from 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds. As for the fuel consumption, it is rated 30 MPG on the road.

Another type of engine is the 2.4-liter engine. This engine has more power compare to the base one. It produces about 172 Horse Power and 165 pounds-feet of torque. It can accelerate just one second faster than the previous engine mentioned at the 9 seconds. The engine will be paired with six speed automatic transmission and available in all front wheel drive.

As mentioned earlier, the car is the cheapest out of all SUV car Jeep has. It can be found later at the price of $21.000 and no more than $24.000. While the price is somewhat set, the release date of 2020 Jeep Patriot hasn’t got any confirmation yet.

2019 Jeep Patriot SUV

There has been some rumors Jeep will release its number one selling crossover 2019 Jeep Patriot with new design and improvement. There are some things that Jeep will keep as its predecessor. It still a medium SUV that can take up to seven persons. There are also changes, the new Jeep patriot will come with new exterior and interior styling. It will be powered by a V-6 engine that give huge boost to the performance.

2020 Jeep Patriot Sport Revealed

The new 2019 Jeep Patriot is said to have 3.0-1 turbocharged engine. Based on the speculations, the engine is similar with the engine that used in the current car. The engine can produce about 400 horse power. The car also can accelerate pretty fast, it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds with the maximum speed up to 160 mph.

None the less fans of the car still expect the car will also come with a V8 engine that can create huge power. However, the possibility of the V8 is very slim to be true.

2019 Jeep Patriot Exterior and Interior Redesign

This type of model of the car was first introduced in 2003 with only five seats and relatively small in size. The new 2019 Jeep Patriot in comparison with its predecessor is pretty big that can accommodate seven people inside the car. The design won’t change that much compare to the previous one in terms of exterior design. There are however also noticeable changes at the front and the back. The bumper of the new car looks more elegant and premium.

The bumper also fit more with the fog lights that create save driving experience even in the fog situation. The lights installed in the car are using LED technology which consumes less energy. At the back of the car, there are medium-size travel luggage and accessible from the tailgate. It comes with 21-inch alloy wheels that perfectly fine in the off-road tasks.

The interior design will be using premium and trendy look. The dashboards are installed with modern infotainment system and board of panel for the car. The infotainment system includes a full color touch-screen display. The system also provides many type of connection like Wi-Fi, 4G internet, Bluetooth, and connection the gadget. It also will be synchronized with Google Android Automobile and Apple CarPlay.

2020 Jeep Patriot Latitude Rumors

There is no exact information where in 2019 the car will enter the market. Whereas the price for the 2019 Jeep Patriot is estimated between $18.000 up to $22.000 in maximum.

2020 Jeep Patriot Competitors to Consider

There are also other cars with the brand title of Jeep. It is the 2020 Jeep Patriot. This car will be so powerful since it will have V8 engine that be able to generate up to 700 horsepower. With this power, it is quite difficult to find the crossovers that share similar power. In this case, Mercedes Benz AMG GLE 63 can become the nice rival for this powerful car. This also generates power above 600 horsepower although the rival has more luxury designs and features.

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