2020 Ford Falcon GT Price & Specs

There are many kinds of interesting car that are being developed by Ford in this recent year. However, the most interesting one maybe the 2020 Ford Falcon ST. this new developed car is one of the highly anticipated car model which is being upgrade and improved by Ford in order to compete in the global car market as the new car will undergoes a series of different improvements in its specifications.

However, one thing that made the new improvements of this car is different than most car is that the car new upgrade and improvement will not being too drastic. Different from majority of the car model this day that are being upgraded into a more different and also unique looking car which is quite distinguished from their previous model the new Ford Falcon try to remain the same as the previous model.

2020 Ford Falcon ST Review

It is unknown why Ford taking this choice as many ford car which is improved this day are being changed into something entirely new and only giving small reminisce of the old model which is quite odd. However, it is thought that the new Ford Falcon is made as the same with previous model in order to give nostalgic look which will make the car to be much more interesting and of course familiar.

There are several information about the new car upgrade and improvements. Mainly the car will be improved majority on the car engine. But it is known that even though the car will not be upgraded too much in terms of model and design it will also getting some improvements on the car new exterior and also the interior design which is not a bad addition to the car itself.

As already said in the previous paragraph, this new Ford Falcon will also have interesting changes and improvements especially on the car exterior which makes the car feel much more reliable and also stylish. However it will not be too major. The reason is because Ford Company want to make the car to retain its classic look which is already unique and distinguishable from many car out there.

The new improvements that can be seen on the car exterior itself ranges from the new redesigned headlights which offer LED technology. The headlights is of course not the only changes that improved in this manner as the taillights also undergoes the same improvements and changes. To make things even better the car new bumper is now will have new large air intakes that are integrated in it.

Moving from the front side we go to the rear side where the car offer new Exhaust pipe. The exhaust pipe will be upgraded into two large exhaust to make the car have better output. To make things even better, this car will also have new suspension kit with unique 5 door hatchback and new wheel design which have improved performance and also grip. Finally there are several improvements in the aerodynamics body feature.

2020 Ford Falcon ST Specs

As the exterior offer many improvements which is not quite major, the interior of this new 2020 Ford Falcon ST offer a brand new improvements that will enhance the user and passenger comfort at its best. It can be seen on the new sporty looks of the cabin interior which is also utilize comfy looking design as the car have unique style that different from other car.

The car will also offer upholstered material for the seating which is made from high quality material. This is going to be improved even further with clean dashboard and standard feature for the cabin of the car ranges from dual zone climate control, keyless ignition, cruise control, navigation system and also several high tech feature such as smartphone integration, Wi-Fi and many more.

The engine of this new car on the other hand will have several option mainly to different drive trains which is powerful and also reliable. The first engine choice is the 4 cylinder engine which offer 2.0 liter capacity and capable of producing more than 252 horsepower on its maximum power while capable of generating more than 270 torque of lb-ft. in terms of economic value it is one of the most interesting one.

2020 Ford Falcon Interior Dashboard

The second engine on the other hand is going to be a diesel engine variety. The diesel engine variety will be a 2.0 liter engine capacity with TDCi feature. This engine can produce 185 horsepower and 295 torque of ln-ft. with this engine in tow for the car the car itself will have better and reliable engine for many kinds of uses.

2020 Ford Falcon GT Competitive Comparison

2020 Ford Falcon is also going to be released this year. The new sedan is all improved from its previous predecessors with V8 engine and better overall design. This car is often compared to 2019 Holden Commodore and 2020 Subaru Legacy. The Holden Commodore is like the all-time nemesis for Ford Falcon. They are similar is the exterior. The interior is probably slightly better in Holden. Even so, Ford Falcon still has better engine. The Subaru car is a new competition. It offers way more advanced technology in the car, making it a more possible option for younger drivers.

2020 Ford Falcon ST Release date and Price

As we write this news and information regarding the new ford Falcon there are several information about the car release date and price. According to some prediction that we can gather this car will be released on the year of 2020 expectedly on the first quarter of the year. On the other hand, the price itself are not clear yet. However, if we see the specifications then 2020 Ford Falcon ST maybe priced for over $30.000 price.

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